Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking

CELT, founded in 1972, is a nonprofit educational corporation, international in scope, whose members believe in the principles of education for democracy with a focus on natural language learning and inquiry.  These principles are supported by beliefs in learners and learning, teachers and teaching, and language and curriculum.  The members of CELT are dedicated to the improvement of education through a greater understanding of the relationship between language, thought, and learning.

  CELT includes a rich diversity of people who share similar beliefs about language and learning but have widely varied background experiences.  CELT members are university educators, independent consultants, school administrators, and teachers.

Button, button, who's got a button?  As a small group starting in the 1970's, CELT members had to do something to make themselves more visible.  For a while under Dorothy Menosky's leadership we all wore little bean pots that we bought in Boston at an NCTE conference.  We always had something we wanted to celebrate and other things we wanted folks to be aware of.  When such occasions came up, someone, usually Menosky again would come up with a button idea, bring them to a CELT meeting and we'd pin each other and make our cause visible.  If you remember the history of any of the buttons please send the history and if the button is not on the website send a photo to Alan Flurkey as a jpg, png, gif or tiff file.  I hope everyone sees the Yetta, Yetta, Yenta, Yetta button akin to Ken's “Boat in the Basement”.  Did you catch the error the first time you saw it?  Was this Jerry's idea or ?  This button was done for Yetta's presidency (1980) of NCTE.  Sometimes when she speaks someone will sit right in front of her with her button in full display.  We also need to find Ken's button for the year 1979 when he became president of IRA.  It reads GOODMAN IS A 02021 which stands for an active transitive verb in Goodman taxonomy code.   And there was Ken Goodman Put the W In Whole Language. And who remembers Watson (with photo) 80 What Else?  (I was only 79 that year).  So now it is your turn.  Dorothy Watson thinks that our first button may have been Love M. E.

Yetta Goodman, May 5, 2013

CELT home page watercolor by Jerry Harste