Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking

CELT, founded in 1972, is a nonprofit educational corporation, international in scope, whose members believe in the principles of education for democracy with a focus on natural language learning and inquiry.  These principles are supported by beliefs in learners and learning, teachers and teaching, and language and curriculum.  The members of CELT are dedicated to the improvement of education through a greater understanding of the relationship between language, thought, and learning.

  CELT includes a rich diversity of people who share similar beliefs about language and learning but have widely varied background experiences.  CELT members are university educators, independent consultants, school administrators, and teachers.

Film Resources About Academic Learning

Lorraine Krause
films by John Berger: Jonah who will be 21 in the year 2000, or Ways of seeing

Gary Kilarr
Passion for Life  (L'École Buissonnière ) (1948)

Pat Nix
Mr Holland’s Opus

Dick Koblitz
Conrack (1969 or 1970) starring Jon Voight as a first year multiage fifth through eighth grade teacher of the black children who lived on Yamacraw Island off the coast of South Carolina.  

Tasha Laman
El Bulli is a great documentary about Ferran Adria and it is about his world famous restaurant in Spain.


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