Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking

CELT, founded in 1972, is a nonprofit educational corporation, international in scope, whose members believe in the principles of education for democracy with a focus on natural language learning and inquiry.  These principles are supported by beliefs in learners and learning, teachers and teaching, and language and curriculum.  The members of CELT are dedicated to the improvement of education through a greater understanding of the relationship between language, thought, and learning.

  CELT includes a rich diversity of people who share similar beliefs about language and learning but have widely varied background experiences.  CELT members are university educators, independent consultants, school administrators, and teachers.

CELT fact sheets 

Reading as a Psycholinguistic Guessing Game: Key Postulates  (DVD set)

Film Resources About Authentic Learning

Mentor Text List Compiled from CELT Listserv May 2014

Reader's Rummy and Doing School card games

Download the two card games in this Word document. Each game is formatted two ways: the first format (as rectangles) should allow you to print on card stock, cut and use as a card game. The second format can be used as a list of questions/prompts. Scroll through for both games.

This WordPerfect version is identical to the Word version above, except that it is formatted for Avery 25371 Business Cards. No cutting up of card stock needed, just buy the printer card sheets from Staples or Amazon.

CELT home page watercolor by Jerry Harste